Spanish enrichment opportunities for families and childcare centers!

Sing with Señora is a Spanish enrichment program developed to inspire a love of language learning at a young age.  Students sing songs, perform poems and finger rhymes, dance, read stories and play games in Spanish.  Sing with Señora offers fun, engaging Spanish exposure and instruction in a variety of formats that fit within the confines of current Covid-19 restrictions and recommendations.  Opportunities are available for preschools, childcare centers, remote learning pods and individuals.

Preschools and Childcare Centers options for Spanish enrichment:

  • Weekly Storytime videos to share with classrooms (students will learn basic vocabulary while enjoying singing and laughing along to various songs, stories and rhymes)
  • Live instruction through Zoom for each classroom
  • Consultations with classroom teachers to facilitate the implementation of Spanish exposure
  • In-person classes are also an option!  I can come to you and push in to each classroom.  To schedule a trial class and discuss your school’s needs, please email or call 847-530-2521.

Individual or remote learning pod options for Spanish enrichment:

  • Weekly sing-a-long videos sent via email.  View the video below for a taste!
  • Virtual weekly classes. Read more about it here or use this link to register.
  • In person classes (with all precautions in place. Email me for more details)

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