Final project from Fall Session

My amigos spent part of our final class of the fall session working on this project.  I asked my amigos questions to elicit the answers that I wrote down for them.  They then told me the words for each of the pictures that they picked out to further describe their character.  It was such fun, and now they have something to use at home to “teach” their families!


Now offering drop off classes to amigos as young as 2 1/2!!!!

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Since starting Sing with Señora, nothing has been as satisfying as watching my returning amigos continue to grow and learn Spanish!  I love seeing their confidence grow as they use more Spanish.  Their excitement is contagious when they figure out what game we are about to play.  No matter how many times I have played it, they always keep it fresh for me!  Despite all this joy, I confess to feeling a tug at my heartstrings when their younger siblings come press their adorable faces at the window right before pick up time.  It seemed a shame to me that I didn’t invite them in to play the games, too.

So, I have decided to remedy that!  My younger amigos (anyone from 2 1/2 to 5 years old) are welcome to join me for a class that teaches the same material, uses the same games and songs as the class I teach to Pre-K students through First Graders, but is aimed at giving the younger kids and first time students a chance to work at their own pace and learn the games in a safe, fun environment devoid of any competition from my older, more experienced amigos.  (Pre-K and Kindergarten students who have never been in my class before are best suited to joining this class as well.  If you have any questions, please call me to discuss: 847-530-2521)

Please check out Winter Session Registration information for details about times and registration information.

Drop off classes and Parent/children classes are now registering!

Now registering for drop off classes for 3.5-6 year olds.  Don’t see a time that works for you? Email me so that I can create an age-appropriate class for your child(ren) in your home or at their school or daycare.  If you’re looking for Spanish enrichment for your young student, but don’t know what to do with your toddler during that class, Sing with Señora offers a Mom and Tot/sibling option that is the perfect solution to include everyone!

Gearing up for Summer classes

It was my sincere pleasure to just complete two weeks of Fun with Spanish Storytime at the Northbrook Public Library today!  Children ranging in age from birth to 5 1/2 came to enjoy the stories, songs, rhymes and vocabulary fun.  It was the perfect warm up to the variety of classes I am offering this summer to continue the fun and build upon the benefits of early language learning for your child.  Toddlers are perfectly suited to join me at Starland in Deerfield for a Mom and Tot class, while children ages 3.5-6 will definitely enjoy learning while playing games in my drop off classes at the Northbrook Public Library.  Please contact me if you have any questions at all.  I look forward to sharing a great summer with you!

New research points to yet another benefit to being bilingual

New York Times article

Any amount of additional language exposure benefits the learner.  If one imagines that the part of the brain responsible for language learning is like a muscle, that exposure helps to build that muscle.  My mission is to make language learning so fun, accessible and engaging that children will want to continue learning as they grow and enter into traditional language learning classrooms at school.

Why Start Early?

Early exposure to a new language capitalizes on a child’s brain development and their willingness to learn. During the pre-school years, students’ brains are wired for learning additional languages* and their enthusiasm for learning, trying and playing with the language is boundless.  Singing with Señora makes the most of their capabilities by creating a fun, song-filled, non-threatening environment in which to absorb and learn.

I often hear questions from parents about the real benefits of learning a new language at such a young age.  Besides the fact that my students love coming to class, check back here often for recent research and articles. The more your students flex that language learning “muscle” in their brain, the better!


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